Martine Kiers (NL)

A small selection of the many pictures taken by our good friend Martine Kiers.

Check the link below for more beautiful pictures by Martine Kiers :

Instagram: martine (@annietram77)

Martine Kiers – biography :

I got my first camera when I was twelve and started to take pictures of friends.

But those pictures cant be compered to what you see now. Thinking about composition and taking it a bit more serious started when I learned how to develop and print black and white pictures.
That was during my study for graphic design.

And when I discovered Instagram in 2012 I became unstoppable.  Now nothing or no one is safe from me… I like to capture life and all the other beautiful things around me.

I love to be in places where street art or graffiti is made.
Watching a work of art grow from a sketch to the final product. And capturing the interaction of the artist with the work of art on my camera.

Most of my photos are black and white. Because I love the way that a black and white image tells a complete story and doesn’t let anything distract from that story.

Discover my photos on instagram: @annietram77 and if you want to hire me send me a message 😉