Rise (BE)

Yvon Tordoir (Riseone), born in Antwerp, started spray painting graffiti in 1998. It was immediately clear that this was going to be an important part of his life.

This passion has shaped him over the last 20 years into the artist he is today. Letters often lie at the base of this work, in combination with graphic elements and photorealistic portraits he creates a very own, recognizable and unique style. His work can be seen in Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, but also acrosse Europe , Los Angeles and New York.

Graffiti art is total freedom, an artform from the streets for the streets

Check the links below for more work by Rise:

Website: Aerosolkings – Aerosol Kings I Graffiti I Street-art I Muurschilderingen

Instagram: RiseOne (@riseone_ak)