Sektie (NL)

The work of Sektie can be described as “retro-graphic-cartoony-hoodlum-chic”. Influenced by mid-century Americana, he draws mostly from vintage popculture. From saturdaymorning cartoons to rock’n’roll recordsleeves and cerealboxes. Sektie picked up his graffiti habits in the late 80’s, but became real serious when he joined SOLCREW together with his highschool buddies in the early 90s. International fame came around the turn of the century with several trips and expos abroad. His work is recognized in other subcultures as well, like the international rock’n’roll, and kustom kulturescene. While the Americana stuff is playing a big role, Sektie is gradually putting his own personality into his work. Being very picky about commissions he feels most comfortable maintaining a low profile doing the occasional commercial commission next to more autonomous work, using all sorts of paints, brushes and his trusted laptop.

Check the link below to see more art of Sektie :

Instagram: sektie – rudolf – warlich (@sektie_sol)