Ox-Alien (NL)

Ox-Alien started in the late eighties with tagging his name on everything wich came by especially on places along the traintracks and places up high.He switched to “street art” around the year 2000.He created his pink flying head with one eye as an “O” and one eye as a “X”, because of this some people on the streets called it “Ox-Alien” and so a name was born. He also became part of Lastplak Collective who won the peoples choice award of the fist Dutch Street Art awards. Lastplak is a group of eleven painters with different backgrounds and diverse skills. Their goal is to paint, no matter what surface, size or location. Their work can be found all over the world, but their homebase is Rotterdam, so that’s where most of their work can be seen. But he also participated in mural projects in for example  Thailand, France and Greece.Lately Ox-Alien is painting more on canvas and having shows.

For more info check his website and instagram in the link below:

Website: oxalien

Instagram: @oxalien