Nash (NL)

Growing up, my two biggest passions were dancing and drawing.
In the beginning of the 80’s I started B-Boying.
I danced for many years in many places, where I met a lot of great people. 

We had some magic moments,which still are some of the fondest memories I have.
I’ve been drawing, for as long as I can remember.
When the HipHop culture came into my life, it changed everything.
Growing up in a small town called Sittard, there weren’t many possibilities for me to express myself on a creative level. 
So when I came in contact with graffiti, it provided a creative outlet for me. 
I was known for my B-Boying in my city. When I started graffiti, I gained local recognition fast because I was the first one in my area who started it.

I printend my first graffiti piece in a youth center called “La Chapelle”.
My first graffiti name was “Popping TC”.
I was an allround dancer and known for my popping, hence the first part of the name.
TC was the name of the black dude in the helicopter of Magnum PI.

What I didn’t realize back then, is that “TC” were his initials! 🙂
In 1983, I changed my name into ‘Zobaps’.This name came from a voodoo guy in a episode of Miami Vice.
Later I took on the name “Semo” for a few years. In 1986 I changed my name to “Hash”, because I could tag it like it was a Chinese name. My friend at that time had the name “J.Stone” (Jan Steen) and I liked his tag a lot, especially the letter N.
I took the “N” and I changed “Hash” into “Nash” and never changed it again.

In 1986 I met “June”. We became friends,  shared the same interrest and passion for graffiti. Therefore we decided to start a crew together called: “S.A.K” (Street Art Kings).
We painted a lot of pieces together, legal and illegal.
In 1987 we had our first exhibition and Sittard asked us to paint a tunnel in the city center. This created a lot of publicity and we got many more commercial jobs.

A few years ago I joined my friend Belin’s crew “OGT” from Spain.

In 2006 I was the co-founder of  “LoveLetters” and  I was a member of this crew until 2016. 

Thanks to graffiti, I had the opportunity to travel around the world, doing something I love.
Much love to all the people I met during my trips around the globe.

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